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About Cleevemount

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Cleevemount provides organisations with consultancy, coaching and mentoring services.


We believe that performance is tied to corporate and personal wellbeing and resilience. Increase these and improved performance will follow. Using emotional intelligence as a route to unlock potential, our aims with any client is to unlock their full potential.


We are outcome focused and aim
to work with clients to identify their vision and objectives, challenge that they are stretching themselves enough, enhance their performance, and develop realistic learning, development and action plans to realise goals.  In addition we will always seek to help clients become better at helping themselves. We are trained and accredited in many techniques and frameworks. However what is important to us is that the way we coaching and mentor meets the needs of the client.

Who are we

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Cleevemount is headed by Paul Featonby. Paul and his associates provide coaching, mentoring and consultancy services for all sectors and specialise in the education and not for profit market. We have over 20 years experience of working in senior management and operational leadership in education, providing passionate, energetic and inspirational management.

Our vision and values

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Our vision is to develop potential and realise
capabilities in individuals and organisations and support education and the not for profit sector in meeting the challenges of
21st century.


We  believe


•People have the potential to do extraordinary things and we will actively support personal  growth, development and learning.

•Personal well being and resilience has a direct impact on organisation performance and we will actively support organisation improvement.

•Success comes from putting our customer needs first.

•Our role is to support and challenge.

•Achievement and improved performance requires focused outcomes and  commitment to action plans.

•By doing this we will making a positive impact on society.